“Activist” and Inter-parliamentary Alliance on China Advisor Benedict Rodgers Calls for All Chinese Students to be banned from the UK

Prominent pro-Hong Kong activist and Conservative Party Human Rights specialist Benedict Rodgers, who is also an advisor on the “Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China” today called for the potential banning of all Chinese students from the United Kingdom if they are “forced to become agents of the Chinese Communist Party“- adding to an article in published in The Times titled: “Chinese students in Britain told to serve motherland” which, as part of its recent editorial agenda attempts to link international students to the country’s embassy and spur up suspicion.

Responding to the article, Rodgers tweeted: “I never want to ban Chinese students from studying in the UK. But if they are forced to become agents of the Chinese Communist Party and threaten #HongKongers, #Taiwanese, #Uyghurs, #Tibetans and our own values in our own country, we need to consider it”. His comments were quickly applauded by an electronic mob of Hong Kongers who proceeded to support the move and generalize all Chinese students as infiltrators and spies.