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How Western Superiority Led To Failure on Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, a politics of blame and vengeance has emerged in many western countries. Faced with surging numbers of cases, climbing fatalities and…

Reuters Peddles Hong Kong Activist Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Without Evidence

Over the past few weeks the covid-19 situation in Hong Kong has gotten gravely worse, with the city battling an outbreak worse than the initial wave earlier this year. Facing…

Hong Kong University Confirms “Covid-19 Defector Story” As Fake News

A story has been circulating across the western media over the past few days that a virologist called Yan Limeng has “defected” to the west from Hong Kong and had…

The Lancet Reports Success in China’s Vaccine Trials

Although not covered much in the western media, Chinese companies have, owing to a situation of time, being leading the way in the establishment of a covid-19 vaccine, with several…