EXCLUSIVE: Funding For Victims of Communism Surged by 6 Times in 2018

Washington D.C Anti-Communist “NGO” Victims of Communism seen its donations increase suddenly by up to 6 times in 2018, the organization’s tax document reveals, sparking new questions about how its agenda is being mobilized for geopolitical goals.

Known for hosting the widely cited “China scholar” Adrian Zenz, the rapid increase in the organization’s funding came in tandem with the rise of anti-China policies in the U.S on that very same year. The document reveals that its “public support” contributions increased suddenly from $2 million to $12 million dollars, an uptick which is not seen for the previous donation totals also revealed from 2014-2017.

The identities of those funding the organization however, are not revealed by the document, prompting further speculation about its transparency. Created by an act of Congress in 1993, Victims of Communism has faced criticism for its fanatical and ideological approach to its subject matter, which has involved controversies such as inflating the figures of Communist attributed deaths including those of Nazi Germany in World War II, as well as blaming every single covid-19 death in 2020 on China’s government.

Despite this, Adrian Zenz’s work in particular has been instrumental in manufacturing consent for anti-China policies around the world, with the NGO and its agenda never given scrutiny by mainstream media, who have at large sought to present him as an “independent researcher” and impartial scholar.