Hong Kong Riot Police Arrest 60 at Sheung-Tak Estate

On the early hours of February 9th Hong Kong Riot Police arrested over 60 individuals at Sheung Tak estate in West Kowloon, after a protest to commemorate the death of University Student Chow Tsz-Lok turned into chaos.

Up to 100 protesters had initiated a small gathering at the area in memory of the former student, who had fallen from a building last year, but had sealed off roads using wooden boards and bicycles. The Dim Sum Daily reported that Police offers “arrived at the scene to make arrests but were met with rioters who threw bricks at them” which was soon followed up with a deployment “of pepper spray and tear gas”.

By 1.50am the Police had announced they had made up to “60 arrests” and more by 2.10am, the rest of the crowd remained on the scene until 3.30am.