Hong Kong University Confirms “Covid-19 Defector Story” As Fake News

A story has been circulating across the western media over the past few days that a virologist called Yan Limeng has “defected” to the west from Hong Kong and had evidence of a “government coverup” on “human to human transmission” concerning the covid-19, with her research apparently being downplayed and ignored. She stated she is looking tell the truth concerning the virus to the world.

The story has been covered on several major western outlets, including Fox News and the Daily Mail. However, an official statement from the University of Hong Kong today states explicitly that her claims are false, and that she held no such research position in the university, being only a “post-doctoral fellow”.

It reads: she “never conducted any research on human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus at HKU during December 2019 and January 2020, her central assertion of the said interview”

“We further observe that what she might have emphasised in the reported interview has no scientific basis but resembles hearsay.

HKU does not act on hearsay and we will not further comment on this matter.”