North Korea Confirms 2020 Mass Games will take place

Sources in the North Korean tourism industry have confirmed that the 2020 Mass Games, known otherwise as the “Our Country” (Inminuinara) will be taking place from August. The news, broke by popular tourist company Young Pioneer Tours comes despite a suspension of all tourism and ingoing travel into the DPRK in light of the Coronavirus until further notice, indicating a relaxation of the country’s decision in the coming months.

The Mass Games or “Arirang Festival” was created in the late 1980s as an ideological response to the Olympics being held in Seoul, South Korea. Consisting of well rehearsed gymnastics and musical performances, the games have sought to showcase the DPRK’s story, legacy and national mythology to the outside world, being held at the Rungrado May Day Stadium. After a five year hiatus, the festival recommenced in 2018 and has occurred annually since.