Pew Survey: Many Western Countries Now See China As the “World’s Leading Economic Power”

A survey from the Pew Research Centre of 13 developed countries asking the question of “Who is the world’s leading economic power?” found that a majority of those surveyed answered China ahead of the United States, including in every single western country which participated.

In the survey, 11 out of 13 countries (excluding only Japan and South Korea) opted for Beijing by a solid margin. Beyond the two Asian countries, those asked included the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, with China leading the entire median score of responses by 48% to 34%. A small minority in each country also answered “The EU” or Japan.

China boasts the world’s second largest economy, and the largest if accounted in PPP (purchasing power parity terms). After the disruption posed by the covid-19 pandemic, it is the only major economy on Earth set to end the year with positive GDP growth. It is widely expected to overtake the United States within the coming decade, with China’s growing clout having produced reactionary and spiteful policies in Washington.