Shanghai Reports Zero New Cases of Coronavirus on Thursday

The Chinese municipality of Shanghai reported that there were zero new cases of Coronavirus diagnosed as of the end of Thursday 13th February, a welcome respite of good news following a surge of backlogged cases in Hubei produced by a change in methodology.

Whilst the discrepancy in the two data sets is likely to raise eyebrows amongst some, especially concerning skepticism of the numbers, smaller quantities cases outside of the epicenter as a whole have allowed authorities to easier track, locate and contain its impact without stretching resources, thus not creating a diagnosis backlog.

The report is likely to ease the pressure on the metropolis, which is China’s largest city by proper population and a global hub of business, finance and enterprise. Nevertheless, the number does not of course mean that new cases in the city cannot emerge, and there is little question that China will continue to face an overwhelming uphill battle against the virus in the coming weeks and months