The BBC falsely cites Adrian Zenz as an “Independent Researcher”

A BBC report covering Adrian Zenz‘s latest “study” on state proscribed Labour in Tibet falsely described him as an “independent researcher” deliberately ignoring his his roles in a number of U.S government funded and hardline anti-China organizations.

Zenz, a Christian fundamentalist, is frequently cited by the mainstream media as the “go to” source on ethnic minority issues on China, is a senior fellow at the fanatical organization “Victims of Communism”, an NGO established by an act of Congress in 1993, which subsequently receives State Department and other lobbyist funding within the D.C community. The organization blames China for every single Covid-19 death in the world, and is infamous for inflating death figures by attributing Nazis in World War II as “victims of Communism”.

In addition, the BBC report also failed to mention that Zenz is an advisor for the (anti-China) coalition the “Interparliamentary alliance on China” and coordinated the release of this report with this organization and leading anti-China fanatics such as Iain Duncan Smith. The report was also published through the Jamestown Foundation, an organization which was literally funded by CIA Director William J. Casey in 1984 to encourage dissent within the Soviet Union.

Given all these stakes and affiliations, to describe Zenz as an impartial “independent researcher” who has no agenda or apparent backers, is not just subjectively wrong, but an outright falsehood. Not only do the mainstream media refuse to give coverage to Zenz’s background, beliefs but also they negate to scrutinize the organizations who are backing them and their respective motivatons.