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Tom Fowdy Clears His Name After Being Subject to ASPI Coordinated Defamation Campaign

ByThe Chollima Report

Sep 27, 2020

Pro-China writer and political analyst Tom Fowdy formally cleared his name yesterday and returned to CGTN after being subject to a “horrific” online defamation campaign coordinated by ASPI analysts which sought to opportunistically brand him as a paedophile and predator.

On August 25th, a mysterious account appeared known as “Anti-Pest Aktion” which subsequently levelled a series of allegations against the writer using flimsy and out of context screenshots, attempting to falsely claim he had “groomed” a teenager. The account was a right wing plant embedded in the pro-Communist community on twitter going by the alias of “Yeasty Commie”, later exposed for obscene racist comments.

The allegations were subsequently astroturfed by Fergus Ryan of the hawkish ASPI, an anti-China think in Canberra which receives US government and arms industry funding, who forced it into the twitter mainstream by subtweeting it and branding him a “creep”.

Despite the obvious political motivations behind the attack, many pro-China users took the bait and turned on Fowdy, resulting in an online “cancel” spree and witch-hunt which seen him lose over 1000 followers.

Fowdy however, soon cleared his name with China Global Television Network (CGTN), who he is a columnist for, after taking legal action and creating a sworn affidavit and testimony that the allegations were false. He then pursued a legal appeal to twitter which seen the culpable account for the twitter storm suspended accordingly.

With assistance from a friend and private investigators, he also sent several letters of demand to one pro-China podcaster who had been a ringleader in the harassment campaign. However, the individual reportedly fled moving house on both occasions.

He commented: “This was a horrific and bad faith smear campaign that was conducted without any formal or level headed investigation and amounted little more to an online witch-hunt based on out of context screenshots. I am happy however I have been able to successfully defend my name and professional standing and that those seeking to destroy me have failed.”