Who is Sean Haines? The Beijing based Anti-China twitter troll who worked for State Media

Sean Haines is a British self professed “freelancer” who claims to live in Beijing’s district of Chaoyang. Previously, he worked for Chinese state media outlets both Xinhua and the China Daily. Although no longer attached, he still appears to be in the city.

Why’s that a problem? Because Sean has despite his background, morphed into an aggressive anti-China twitter troll who bullies, harasses and abuses those who pursue his former profession, including spreading clear cut defamation against them.

We run a similar story about Caixin editor Joshua Summer earlier this year. Both seem to be cut from the same cloth, a young, pompous and arrogant British individual who lives in China but abuses it and heckles those who defend him.

Sean however, has actively pushed the Uyghur Genocide narrative whilst living in Beijing, including attacking and insulting Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Why is it that those who seek to live in China actively promote so much malice against the country? This mentality has sadly contributed to a decline in the popularity of foreign expats in the country as tensions rise, a phenomenon which caused a recent controversy on twitter.

The Chollima Report says: it is the wrong attitude to live in China whilst promoting hate against it, especially if you profess to be a former state media employee. Sean’s attitude and smugness is appalling, as are most Middle class British young men.